Active Memory

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My Role

I helped launch the ABC’s first Software as a Service, Active Memory, in collaboration with the University of Sydney and University of Melbourne. My main role was working under the Game Director to design and develop HTML5 (Canvas) brain training exercises that are fun and intuitive to play, for an older Australian audience.

An example of an Active Memory game on the site.

Design Process

Active Memory games are designed to scale in challenge to find the right level of stress and success. Finding that balance requires a lot of prototyping and testing to evaluate a game's difficulty scale.

We made cheap prototypes in Apple Keynote, as they provide just enough interactivity to test the idea we had. We could also run the presentations on iPhone and iPads to cheaply test UI.

One of our games Roman Holiday proved itself early in our Keynotes so we could confidently invest in a polished game with beautiful assets.

Illustrations by Crispe

Our first prototype of the game as a Keynote presentation

The final game in action.