Happy People at Work

My Role

As a UX designer at the Australian Broadcasting Corp. I helped design and launch Happy People at Work, a wellbeing program delivered as a mobile web app, using React + Rails.

The app is a four week educational program of videos and interactive content. First rollout was across Optus Retail. We designed it to help manage mood, stress, sleep and energy during the iPhone 7 release for retail employees. Also contributed as a front end developer, to help polish the UI after user feed back.

Framer Prototypes

Framer.js was a fantastic tool for developing high fidelity prototypes. I used them extensively thorough out the project. During our initial field study, we would bookmark framer prototypes on our users phones to help evaluate habits and usage. Towards the end of the project, my Framer prototypes were the main handover resources for the devs.

Screens from the onboarding flow of the app