A minimal approach to meal planning

My Role

Oma was a side project I worked on with my friend Jesica Saussay. We both have a design background, and enjoyed learning more about development to excel our designs. The goal was to learn full stack web development and make a meal planner that our friends and family might use. It was a lot of fun, but it's was passion project for week nights and weekends.

Final design, using Three.js

NLP Recipe Import

Cooking can be a chore – but have you tried writing recipes into a recipe manager? Well a key feature of the app was using Natural Language Processing from Wit.AI to parse recipe ingredients into entities like "product", "units", "amount" and "food groups". This allowed me to develop data about recipes that in turn enabled more useful features, without requiring more work from the user.

Here's a screen recording of my recipe data model parsing a recipe

FB Messenger App

My goal to make the app as minimal as possible lead me to try and use FB Messenger as a notfication system, that would save you having to open the app and check information. You could add recipes to your collection by sending URL. Then the chat would let you know which recipes you had planned to cook that day, plus let you know if there were any ingredients you still need to pick up.